Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp KALA 2012

I spent the last week teaching a group of 11 teenaged students about screen printing at KALA Art Institute in Berkeley. I structured the class around a DIY principle, of giving my students the tools to screen prints on their own. They stretched their own screens, taped, coated and exposed screens, creating their own positives by hand and using the paper stencil method. The immensely talented Cody Frost came and shared his work and working method with the students. They printed large editions considering the time frame and were able to master many of the basics of printing and registering multiple color screen prints. I owe much to the hardworking KALA Interns, Hailey, Lauren and Janelle who's help was critical to making the class a success. The students' final project was a Bestiary print exchange based upon Jorge Luis Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings. Each student interpreted a passage describing a beast in their own way in a two color print utilizing a split fountain or duotone blend stroke.

 folio cover stamp and paper stencil by students
 The Eight Headed Serpent

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