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Union College Relief Printing Demonstration for Sandy Wimer's Class, 2/11/12 continued...

The Dickerson Combination Press, of local manufacture I think, first one I've seen, and I enjoyed using it!

The students made a key block and I demonstrated various methods of incorporating color with it.

Colors for the demo...

That is how a relief slab should look.

Student working on the second chiarascuro block after a successful transfer from the key block.

Working away on a snowy saturday morning, what could be better?

Proof of one of the key blocks.

Sandy, in blue shirt and apron, who so graciously invited me to her class.

Hot plate: speed drying the color water based ink for toning the chiarascuro block.

My-er masterpieces, key (black block) with a two part chipboard plate for color flats.

Flat color printed via illustration board with a textured piece of plywood for the key.

Key block with chiarascuro.

Comically large STOP control for electric Dickerson press.

Nice tall windows with view of the Nott Memorial.

Safety first: solvent area.

Well organized, incredibly functional shop with a very small footprint, a testament to Sandy's skill.
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Union College Relief Printing Demonstration for Sandy Wimer's Class, 2/11/12

I was invited by Sandy Wimer, Senior Lecturer in Printmaking and Design at Union College to do a color relief printing workshop with her students on February 11.
Nott Memorial: Centerpiece of the Union Campus in Schenectady NY.
This dusting Saturday morning is the only snow I got to see that weekend.
Will definitely employ the waxpaper technique for keeping lids unstuck when I get home.
This small space packs a lot, here is the spray paint aquatint area.
Hot plate and fallow litho press.
THe shop has a French Tool, Charles Brand and a Dickerson convertible electric press.
Sandy's students work displayed some pretty sophisticated and funny use of the reduction relief method.
Paper soak tray.
And you thought black came in one color.
Get proofing people!
Sandy's highly efficient clean, sort of clean, kinda dirty and DIRTY rag rotation system.
Nice acid etch area, this is all in the same room.
The Dickerson with it's own charming one of a kind table.
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