Tuesday, July 22, 2014

With Regrets as I Plan to Cancel My Bay Area Bike Share Membership.

Dear Bay Area Bike Share, 
Last year I was an eager early founding member of Bay Area Bike Share (#243). As a dedicated rider and bicycle advocate I was and am excited about the potential for bike share to help transform our cities and make our citizens and planet healthier and safer. Sadly, in the first year of operation I have barely used Bay Area Bike Share. There are no stations near my home (26th and Mission Street) or indeed within 2 miles of it even though I live adjacent to one of the busiest bike corridors in the city. I would love to take Bay Area Bike Share shopping, to the park the library or any of the other many errands I use a bike for but with the density of stations all clustered in the downtown area I know it will never happen. Reviewing my usage for the entire time since BABS started you can I have barely used it for more than 2 hours total. 
Therefore, as my renewal approaches I am sad to say I will cancel my bike share membership. I could maybe justify the membership as a donation to a cause I care about but it does not make sense, there are many other worthy causes and this is something I sincerely hoped eventually to get some practical use from. I hope in the future BABS will become available and useful to more of the city and I have reason to rejoin. 

Anthony Ryan

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