Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Studio Update, 10/9/07

I am currently working on my thesis project at SFSU. Very much inspired by Victor de la Rosa's pattern class at State, my experience teaching design this summer at CSSSA I've decided to attempt to try a new (for me) approach to studio work that would incorporate traditional print media. To this end, I am working within a self imposed set of restrictions starting with everyone's favorite, the grid, and employing various arbitrary methods of image aquisition, towards a series single or large work in a way that will upset, confound, eschew, my normal working process. This is working. I am alternately excited and lost, casting about for a way forward, but always working towards something. This was the point, the struggle now is to justify any further progression of the process within the spirit of the project.
Here is the limitations:
a one foot grid: the work will consist of single units of this size, relief prints, screen prints, the images are derived from various methods: automatic drawing excercises, extreme close ups of digital images, texures recording everyday events

Here is the process:
Through repeating these units, larger compositions, constructions will emerge.
Final product:
Not clear but I am currently aiming towards a series of prints approximately 6 by 6 feet.

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